Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

In exactly one week Ben should be home! I cannot wait. We are not telling the kids exactly when he is getting back. We thought it might be fun to just let Ben pick the kids up from school or just let him pull into the garage. I cannot wait to see their precious little faces light up when they see their daddy. I do not know how other moms do it when their husbands are gone. We are very thankful that this should be the last time Ben leaves for a little over 3 years. Keeping my fingers crossed!
The weather has been absolutely beautiful. We have been above 60 for the past few days. The snow is just about all melted. Thank God. Today I let the kids ride their bikes outside. Something they have been wanting to do all winter. We made our way right down the street to the park. What a nice park. They had a great time. While there I met up with a lady who I over heard talking about piano lessons. Well I have been looking for someone to teach the kids,. I hopefully not rudely asked her about it. I am hoping that she will agree yo take on Scottie and Sydney this summer! I am so excited. We have the piano, but we have no idea how to play it. I think I am more excited by this than the kids.. LOL Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out.
So with the beautiful 60 degree weather comes lots of questions from Sydney. I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to explain to her that there is no way you can have a built in pool in the backyard. For the love of god we live in North Dakota! Yes Sydney I know it's warm outside, Yes Sydney I know when the weather is warm you love to swim. No Sydney I will not go get a job and put all you kids in day care so we will have more money to buy a big in ground pool, because really we would be loosing money paying for daycare.. SYDNEY, It's warm to us,but really it's cold.. IT'S ONLY 60 outside! That was just a bit of the conversations! That girl is going to rule the world one day! She just doesn't give up.. Oh Ben PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get us back to California so we can buy the girl a house with a pool in it! LOL

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