Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not much

Not a lot is going on around here. Just sitting and waiting for Ben to come home. Week three is almost done. Three more to go. I cannot wait and neither can the kids. Poor Matthew just doesn't get it. Everyday he tells me not to park my van in the middle of the garage because I need to make room for daddy truck. Everyday I explain that Daddy is not home today. Today as we were walking into the school to pick up Sydney Matthew says Momma, Where did Daddy move to? It just about broke my heart. Luckily Ben has one of those jobs that you normally don't go to far for to long. So hopefully we won't have to deal with this again for a while.
Ben found out yesterday that he got accepted into Utah State to obtain his Masters degree. I am so proud of him. He is very excited and happy. He will start classes in the fall. I think after this he might take a break from schooling for a bit unless another type of degree jumps out at him. LOL
Kids are all doing well. We have some kind of cold/flu thing going around. Poor Scottie has it now and decided to share it with me. Thanks baby love you too! Hopefully it passes quickly.
So today I discovered how very easy it is to get your driveway shoveled. All you have to do is find a neighbor who is shoveling out the snow by hand and offer them to use your blower and after they accept they do your drive too because you just saved them hours of back breaking work. LOL I was actually just being nice and wasn't worried about my drive since the wind blew most of the snow to my next door neighbors drive. But hey I appreciate the time you saved me too! Thought it was a little silly

Hope all is well on your end

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Lacey said...

Are you coming here for school? or is it online? We are going in 8 days to Cali, I'm so excited to see your mom and everyone and go to Disneyland. Lord knows were ready for a vacation.