Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So here we are in Minot North Dakota. How did two native Southern Californiainas end up here in the freezing cold? Thank You to the powers to be of the Air Force. The people here are extremely friendly sometimes alittle scarry friendly. Its a nice change, Older folks actually enjoy watching children in the stores. Evertime we go somewhere at least one old couple will come up and tell us how much they have enjoyed the children. I am happy that this place is so family oriented. But the cold and snow stink! Today while talking to my mom and getting Matthew and Xander in the car at Traget, I look over just in time to see Mattie throwing a big piece of ice. As I am shouting NOOOOOOOOOO, Mom says so whats he throwing a rock? No Momma he's throwing ice in a crowded parking lot. My Mom says oh yeah I forgot you have snow and ice on the ground. Gees Mom thanks for reminding me that you guys are still in the 90's.. I miss home. I guess the saying is true, You can take the girl out of Cali, but you can never take the Cali out of the girl.. I really do like it here, I guess I should say I LOVE MY HOUSE.. I don't ever want to leave this house. Its the nicest and biggest house we have ever lived in. If you look closely my name is even on the name plate. In case you can't see it "LT AND MRS COOPER" Thought that was pretty funny all other bases we have been to just have the military member on the plate. Its the small things I tell ya.
The kids are absolutly loving it here. They love school. Mattie loves preschool. Well I am not to sure he loves the preschool or the bunny that wonders the class. That is all he talks about. Scottie loves 4th grade. He is learning a lot. We had parent teacher conferences last week. I got hios report card for the whole 11 days he was there to be graded on and the lowest % he got was an 83. I am so proud of him. See we don't do grades because the grading system here is much different then I am used to. Here an 83% is a C, Well where I come from thats a strong B. So I decided that as long as everything is above a 85% then I am good. Sydney didn't get graded because her teacher felt she wasn't there long enough to be graded, But assures me that she is doing great. My lil Xander. Today he turned 7 months old. Where has the time gone? He is trying real hard to crawl. I expect that to happen in teh next few weeks. Ben is doing good learning his new job. I still stop and think my husband is going to be launching Nukes. Blows my mind. He pulls his first alert in a few weeks. SO starts the 40 hour shifts. Hope thsi works out okay. Till next time...

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