Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick Kids

It has been a rough two days. Yesterday Sydney and Xander woke up with colds. Syd ended up staying home from school which broke her heart. She actually got herself dressed and ready for school and wanted me to take her at 1:30. UUGGHH sorry Syd you cannot go. By the end of the day Matthew started getting the cold. The to top it off Scottie started coming down with the flu. Of all places at the commissary. It was a rough night with Xander. Sydney woke up chipper and ready to get back to school. Scottie stayed home. We had to make a trip to the DMV to try once again to get the plates for my van since the temp expired. While there Matthew started to fall asleep in a chair. Now anyone who knows my kid knows that's not Matthew like. As this older gentleman is complementing the kids I look at Matt and see a HUGE yellow blob leaking out his eye. Just great. SO we know now what Veronica has planned tomorrow. Get Matt to the DR. By tonight I am pretty sure he has pink eye besides the cold. My poor Matt-Matt. TO top of our wonderful day Ben came home telling me that they want him to go and observe how things work in the missile silos tomorrow. SO now he will leave in the morning and come back sometime Thanksgiving afternoon. Just what I wanted. I would love to try to get the turkey and all the fixings ready while taking care of 3 sick kids. At least he will know what to expect next Saturday.
Matthew is obsessed with us getting him a cat. On the way to DMV this morning Xander is screaming. Not crying just a happy scream. This has Matt hot. He says "Xander you are FIRED!!! Stop screaming!" I said "Matthew he is a baby and that's what babies do." His reply to me was "Well I don't want a baby anymore, I would rather have a cat." He sat and pouted teh rest of the ride there. I just about died laughing! I am working on Ben, but I doubt the end result will be a cat. Sorry Matthew. Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy time with your loved ones....

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Sandra said...

Veronica, sounds like you have your hands full. I'm sorry the kids are sick, hope they start feeling better soon.

Hope you ended up having a good Thanksgiving though :)