Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Late Christmas!

Life has been crazy the past few weeks. Everything seems to be quieting down. Ben went back to work today. I am hoping that they will send them home due to the snow fall last night. As the sun is shinning my hopes are fading. He will probably go out and be home tomorrow. The good thing is that he only today and a back up day on Saturday. Which the very rarely call the backups out. So he will have another 6 days off.

Christmas was great. The kids had so much fun. Ben got sick with the flu on Christmas Eve which left me to build the kids toys. Luckily I had built Syd's doll house a few days before and only had Matt's train table and Scottie's Air Hockey Table left. Not a small chore. I was up until well after 1 am. I awoke at 4am because I heard little footsteps going down the stairs. Now I am all for getting up as early as you can, but not with a sick Ben and an exhausted me. I shouted "Get back into bed!" Around the corner came a tiny little Hi Mommy I think Santa came already. Sydney was the little footsteps. I told her that it was way to early to get up and if Santa hadn't come and she wasn't in bed he might pass our house. She agreed and went back to bed only to return every 15 minutes until I agreed to let her wake the boys at 6:45. It was cute because Santa did not leave the kids gifts near the tree. He was smart and put them in the toy room, next to the tree room. Poor Scottie ran down to the tree and with a disappointed look chocking back tears said "I guess Santa skipped us this year." My heart broke but at the same time I wanted to laugh. Sydney quickly spotted the gifts and yelled for the others. His sadness was quickly changed to screams of excitement. The best complement came from Ben who after
all was unwrapped looked at me and said Well done! Anyone who knows us knows that I Love love love having carnival Christmases. Ben not so much and every year I go way over board and Ben gets really upset. This year I put a lot of thought into what they got and down sized by about half. And they were even more happy then past Christmases when they each had 20 + gifts each from Santa. Yeah I did good this year. Everyone was happy! Can I tell you that I am thinking about next Christmas. My mom and dad will be here to celebrate with us!

Sorry for the over load of pics. We had a good day relaxing and enjoying each others company!
Other stuff... We have had so much snow. I don't care if I ever see snow again! This month we have gotten 28 inches the all time record for the amount of snowfall in one month is 31. Yeah we got a few inches last night and more is on its way tonight. I promised mom that I would stop being a chicken and get out there and take some pictures. I seriously do not go outside. I park in the garage and go in and out of the house from the garage. Snow is not fun to me. Its very scary. It makes it hard to drive and I just don't like it. I seriously do not know where we are going to keep shoveling the snow to. The mound just beside our driveway is about 5 foot tall.. And it only the beginning of winter! Hope you all have a very Happy New Year! Take Care and God bless in 2009!

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Gabe and Val said...

looks like you had a good one. I see you have called sorry, but this month has been crazy. I love ya.