Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Normal

So today everyone went back to school and Ben went back to work today. I really enjoyed this break with the kids and Ben. I truly dreaded today. We had so much fun together. I loved every minute of it! So how long until Easter break?
But as everyone is getting back to their normal so are my kids. Scottie woke this morning and pulled a booklet from his back pack and said "Oh Mom I forgot this had to be done over break" Yeah good timing Scott. I sware sometimes I think he would forget his head someplace if it wasn't connected! BUT He would never ever forget where is video games are.LOL So we rushed and got a few pages done, then I figured he messed up he needs to face Mrs Johnson today and take some responsibility for his forgetfulness. Sydney was back to screaming because some article of clothing wasn't on just right. Oh and because I haven't folded the whites just yet and the world is coming to an end if he has only 2 pairs of socks in her drawer. (I guess she realized that I went through it and trashed all the ones that she refuses to wear for some reason or another!) Matt Matt was Matt this morning. He wakes up every morning with his eyes barely cracked looking for hugs and kisses. He was very excited to get to school today to see Smokey the bunny. Xander and I went off to town to go to the DMV. It was -20 I really did not want to go, but up here they will not send your new plates to you. So we drove down, were in the DMV for less then 2 minutes and drove back home. Usually I would make it a shopping day, but it was just way to cold.

I have been bugging Ben for weeks now, Actually since we first moved here to go out and get a snow blower. He always refused. A few days ago he was out there in -37 shoveling and got only half the driveway done in 45 minutes. He quickly ran back in and said YOU WIN! So here are some pictures of Ben and his new toy. That thing hauls! I tried it out and I thought it was going to take off without me! Now we are just trying to figure out the setting so the snow doesn't blow back in your face. Ben was able to do our drive and 2 neighbors in 30 minutes! Good investment I say.

Hope you all have a wonder day!


Snugglefrogs said...

HE HE HE! Love the picture of your burglar robing your driveway of all your snow! LMAO!

May Family said...

SNOW what is that???? The snowblower fits him LOL