Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No More Snow PLEASE!

We have been getting lots of calls from family the past few days asking about the cold and snow. I can tell you it is FREEZING! I took the kids to school today at negative 28 with a wind chill of negative 50! The snow has ceased for today. Ben and I watch our grill in the back yard to tell us how much snow we have gotten. Here are a few pictures. I took one after 1 hour of snow and took one the next morning.

The snow on the patio is at least waist deep. I am done with snow! The weather report is calling for no more snow this week. Oh how I hope. But somehow I think they are lying. LOL

Here are a few pictures that I have snapped of the kids this week. Xander is now pulling himself up to everything. He will be 9 months on the 18th.

My baby is getting so big!

Bushia and Papa sent this to Scottie for Christmas, We stayed up till 1am to finish this

I see a lot of myself as a young girl in Sydney in this picture.

And last but certainly not least my Mattie. So full of life!


Jaxsons Fight said...

I can't believe Sydney, that crazy little redhead has turned into such a beautiful girl. You can tell in that pic that Mattie is crazy man. Hugs and kisses, Lacey and Jax

Jaxsons Fight said...

then get your ass down here and warm up we only have two feet and it is melting. Ben only 7 months tell football seaon starts again you have to come down.

Sandra said...

Yeah, and we used to complain at Idaho because of the snow, remember that? LOL

I can't even begin to imagine that ridiculous snow...good grief.

Get orders to Luke, you will like the heat here LOL

Miss you guys, I can't believe how big the kids are and Sydney looks SO much like you, it's uncanny.