Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This past weekend we just had to get out of the house and go some place that we could pretend that we were actually some place nice and warm for our own sanity. We packed everyone up and drove to town with the winds whipping the temp was down to -35. We went to the mall and took the kids to the indoor warm water park. They had such a great time. It was nice to watch them splashing and playing. I stayed out with Xander partially because I had a blonde moment and left half of my swim suit in California. And besides that I do not need to be in a swim suit in public. I should be using the Wii fit everyday..

It was so nice and steamy in there, my camera started to fog up! Matt loved the froggie slide..

Xander Boo waiting so patiently to get out of that stroller!
A few days ago Xander was playing in my pots and pans. I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and suddenly he was screaming. I thought for sure that he had caught his little fingers in the cabinet door. As I raced into the kitchen I found him stuck inside of a pot! I nearly fell over laughing. I quickly grabbed the camera.
I love his little expression. UGH Mom are you going to get me out of here or just keep snapping away and laughing! The kids came running in and thought it was hysterical too!

Okay I am off to bed. Hope all is well on your end!

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Lacey said...

What a cool place to go swimming. I love the pics in the pot. too cute!!