Thursday, March 19, 2009

How long can 6 weeks really drag on for?

Ben left for TDY to Alabama on Syd's birthday (March 5) and I sware it already seems like he has been gone for a year. I have no idea how wives who's husbands leave for extended periods of time do it. I am already so exhausted and we are only in week 2! He should be home around April 23. I cannot wait!
The weather has been getting nicer here. It was so funny I took the kids to the commissary last week. ( I NEVER take all 4 shopping with me) But we survived and I am happy to say that they all behaved VERY well. NO one even threw themselves on the floor once! Granted their snacks I normally wouldn't buy added at least $50 to the tab. As we walk out of the store the kids are complaining that they are too hot and start stripping off their coats, hats and gloves. Yes I admit it did FEEL warm, but they were not happy with me when I quickly made them at least wear coats. For the love of god it was only 41 outside! WATCH OUT HEAT WAVE IN NORTH DAKOTA!

So even with our heat wave we still have tons of snow. This weekend I took the kids out to the front yard and they went sledding! It was great I was able to clean out my car and watch the kids.

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Lacey said...

Oh and I thought we had it bad. I'm dying for spring and warmth. I don't know how you go from California to that.